Silk Fashion Scarf – Pearl Gray – Landscape Dyed

Habotai rectangular scarf – landscape dyed light gray / brown.



Habotai (China Silk) rectangular scarf – landscape dyed using Cutch, modified with alum and iron – 14 x 72 fashion scarf, 35 x 35 wild rag -lightweight or heavyweight, 44 x 44 wild rag – lightweight or heavyweight.

Wild Rags are square scarves cowboys, stockmen, and adventurers use while working outdoors. Silk is the preferred fabric for a Wild Rag because it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Another positive feature is its durability.

I offer Wild Rags in two different weights. The light-weight or three season weight Rag is a Habotai silk, and works best in warm weather or for dressier situations. The heavy-weight Rag is a Charmeuse silk, and is usually worn during winter working conditions for warmth.


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